Outrigger Race Schedule



22 Jun - OC6 Friendly

06 Jul - OC6 Friendly

20 Jul - OC6 Friendly

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10 Jun - VRC Race #4

26 May - DWB DB Regatta

Get Fit.

Have an Adventure.

Make Lifelong Friends.

Looking for a challenge out in the open waters of Hong Kong? Is racing in the world-famous Dragon Boat races on your bucket list?

Well then we have been waiting for you. Sign up below for a free trial - no experience necessary.

Why go Outrigging in Stanley? 

  • Best variable water conditions in Hong Kong

  • Professional, record holding coach

  • Convenient transportation

  • Easy launch of canoes off the beach

  • Easy access to restaurants and bars

  • Support local communities directly with your membership fees

  • Regular social events

Outrigger Canoe


Kokua is a Hawaiian philosophy that we take to heart. It is a belief that to thrive, we must give back selflessly to our neighbors and community. Only together, through teamwork, can we become strong.

Paddling Resources.

Need a paddle? Want to brush up on your techniques? Looking for a team closer to home? (Stanley is a bit far). Look no further.

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  • BCross

    Mix Dragon Boat team, rows out of Stanley

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  • Lamma OCC

    We have made our home on Tai Wan To Beach (locally known as Power-Station Beach) in Yung Shue Wan, on Lamma Island (Hong Kong). Seven years on, we have a fleet of four six-person canoes (OC6s), two three-person canoes (OC3s) and a numerous personally owned OC1s (singles)

    After years of paddling together, we have formed a tight-knit community of paddlers, but are always eager to get new people enjoying the sport and going out on the water!

    We organise trainings, races, open days, and other social events! Don't hesitate to say hi :)

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  • Ninefit

    Selection of Dragon Boat paddles and guards.

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  • Output Fitness

    Stormy's gym sponsor, Output Fitness is the brainchild of two endorphin chasers and strength enthusiasts. Tom and Kalana, fell in love with training and the community they found, both inside and outside the gym. Camaraderie is the driving force behind the brand, anyone and everyone can train together and give it there all.

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  • Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club (RHKYC)

    The RHKYC fields multiple Outrigger Canoe and Dragon Boat teams from Kellet Island and Middle Island for paddlers of all experience levels. View their website for more details on membership and course information.

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Paddling Since 2005

Like all good tales, the legend of Stormy’s began with three friends in a bar. Today we stand strong with hundreds of members and alumni scattered across the globe.

We give thanks to the communities we paddle with by hiring local coaches and donating to the Stanley Sea School.

News & Events

When are we having the next tryouts? Find out!

  • Dragon Boat Racing is Back in June, 2023!

    The Dragon Boat festival is back in Hong Kong after four long years! You know what that means, we're racing! Come join our team.

  • Stormy's Open Day for Dragon Boat and Outrigger 2023

    Try your hand at DragonBoat and Outrigger Canoe! We'll provide the paddles and boats, you bring a fun attitude and sense of adventure.