What do you have to do to join Stormy’s? Show up.

No, really, that’s it. There’s no “membership path”, no wait-lines, we don’t want your Dad’s banker friend’s referral.

Fill out the form below, come out with us and if you survive and enjoyed it, pay your subs.


Fees & Rack Rentals

All fees go toward boat and equipment maintenance and rent. The rest is donated to the Stanley Sea School and Village of Tai Tam.

Membership 2023



$4,700 HKD

OC1 Rack Rental Fee

$5,500 HKD


$2,200 HKD

Please make payments to:
Account: HSBC 808 507925 838
Account Name: Stormydragons

Let’s get you registered.

We need your mobile number to help coordinate paddle dates on WhatsApp. We’ll never spam or sell your digits. Promise.