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Dragon Boat

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Dragon Boat

25 Jun - Kellett Island Cup

18 Jun - Chai Wan DB Race

DB Training Schedule

We meet up weekly in Tai Tam. Check Team Snap for the most up-to-date times.

Schedule for 2023 TBC, check back soon!


Did you know DragonBoat races happen more than once per year?

That’s right, if you love the thrill of racing, you can join the Stormy’s team and get your adrenaline rush almost all-year round.

Dragon Boat is a 
full-body workout

Dragon Boat racing is a pure team sport requiring short bursts of speed and strength. Your power comes not just from your arms, but from your legs and back as you and your 20 teammates rip through the waters to the finish.


It may look like all we do is splash our paddles as fast as we can but...no. Dragon Boat requires SYNERGY. Not that crap you from the office, this is REAL synergy. The winning boat is the one where you and your 19 other teammates’ paddles go into the water and out of the water in perfect, beautiful harmony. Like synchronized swimming but with more hollering and sweat.

Watch some YouTube videos on how it’s done:

Look good doing it

Of course you can accessorize! And there’s nothing cooler than carrying a paddle during morning rush.


What are you waiting for?

Let’s get you out there.