Gold for Stormys at the Hong Kong Internationals

This weekend the Stormys produced their best ever performance in an international competition.

  • Champions in the international 500m mixed international small boat
  • Runners up in the 250m Ladies Small Boat
  • 2nd runners up in the Hong Kong 250m mixed small boat and Hong Kong 500m mixed standard boat

Congratulations to the entire team for an awesome performance this weekend and all the hard work in training that led up to it. Thank you to our coach, Bill Hutchinson, who performed wonders with a crew stacked with people racing their first season.

Next stop, the Stanley Shorts, where we intend to complete the trifecta of winning all three Stanley Mixed Cups in one year. And then its the qualifiers for the World Championships in September.

Sarah, remember to bring the Lucky Lobster with you from now on whenever we race!

Go Stormys!

Hong Kong Internationals Day One

Day one of the Hong Kong Internationals saw Stormy Dragons bring home two rather gorgeous trophies.

The ladies won the silver (or first runner up as it is called these days) in the Hong Kong 250m small boats, and the right to compete against the international teams on Sunday.

Our mixed team took home 2nd runner up (third, bronze, etc) in the Hong Kong leg of the competition at the same distance.

Rather attractive trophies too we think!

Stormys Take Stanley

The Stormy Dragons fielded two boats in the Mixed Gold Cup Championship at Stanley. Both boats made it to the final and one of them crossed the finish line first. An awesome day at the big event.

While most teams are now done for the year, we continue to train for the Stanley Short Course event, and the Hong Kong Internationals later this month. We are still looking to bring on new paddlers, experienced and novice. Email us if you think you might be interested. Maybe we can get you up on the podium with us!

Stormy Dragons 2013

Stormy Dragons 2013