Lamma – The Junk nearly sunk when we loaded all the trophies

What an absolutely amazing day that was. And we are not talking about the weather, because it poured down all day.

We added 3 golds, a silver, and a bronze to our medal count for 2014.

Gold for the Mixed and Ladies 1km, while the men took silver.

All of our teams (men, mixed and women) made the grand finals of their 500m events. The women took gold, while the men took 4th in an awesome final.

And then 8 of the women, and 12 of the guys clambered back in the boat and found third place in the mixed 500m, despite fatigue kicking in.

Many teams concentrate on one or two events, but The Stormy Dragons want to race in everything. To do so well in so many back to back races is testament to how hard we have trained so far this year.

Great job by the boys and girls in red.

The party on the beach afterwards was much deserved.

Boracay 2014 – Paddling, Pyramids, and Partying

What a weekend that was.

With just 7 girls and 12 guys from Stormys, plus some friends from Lamma Dragons and Smugz, we managed to field boats in 9 categories across 2 days. If there had been a mens small boat 200m it would have been 10!

Friday was 500m day. Our mens mini boat (10 paddlers), mixed mini boat, and over 40s mixed mini boat all made the grand final. Each final was only four boats. We were fourth in all those races but against the amazing Filipino teams we are incredibly proud of that accomplishment.

Saturday was 250m day. Our girls were awarded the plate for the fastest time of the day for a team that did not medal although they narrowly missed out on a place in the final.

The over 40s mixed made their grand final and came fourth.

The mixed mini made their grand final and came third winning a lovely shiny bronze medal.

Stormy Dragons has attended Boracay for 7 of the 8 competitions that have been held there. In one year the most finals we had made was two. To make five grand finals against teams from all over the Philippines, and around Asia, is an achievement of which we are very proud. Well done to all.