The Coastal Relay

This was our first time taking the Outrigger out for the Coastal Relay, a 4 leg race organised by the Victoria Recreation Club, covering a total of 31km.

The idea is to have two outrigger crews. First the boat does two sprints from Shek O Beach, round a course and back again, with each crew doing one sprint. Then the first crew jumps back in at Shek O and paddles to Stanley. The second crew goes by road to Stanley and jumps in the boat at Stanley Main Beach and finishes the race at Deepwater Bay. We were short two of people so  a couple of us did three legs.

The crews performed brilliantly. We were the first 6 seater to make it to Deepwater Bay!

As always the VRC put on a great BBQ so we could all get a decent refuel.

You can see the start of the race right here:


The Lamma 500!

Our first official Dragon Boat race day for 2015! Where better than Power Station Beach on Lamma, where each race is straight to shore, and the final race of the day is directly into the waiting arms of team mates holding beer and bubbles!

We were very proud to show off our new shirts celebrating ten years of The Stormy Dragons.

For the 500m, our mixed took the Plate Championship. The men were 6th in the final, and the women took 5th.

In the 1km, one of our favourite races, the men took 5th place and the mixed took 2nd. For the first time the organisers handed out medals for the 1km races and not just trophies so we wore the bling with pride for the after party and the inevitable human pyramid.

Next up on the calendar, the Stanley Warm ups.


First OC6 race of the season – Around Beaufort Island

Around Beaufort Island Race Route

Around Beaufort Island Race Route

Stormy Dragons are not just a Dragon Boat team! A group of us also paddle OC1s and the team has its own six seater. We’ve been building our Outrigger team for the past two years and started entering more competitions as Stormy Dragons.

Yesterday we took part in the Around Beaufort Race for the first time. We didn’t win (we came last out of six mens teams) but it was a solid paddle with some people running their first ever OC race. It’s just over 14.5 km and we did it in an hour and a half. Generally it was calm and flat, although there was some washing machine-like water on the far side of Beaufort Island. We can’t wait to do this again next year and see if we can knock a chunk off our time!


Stormy Dragons are recruiting

Stormy Dragons are getting ready to start training in January for the 2015 racing season, and the world championships in 2016 in Adelaide.

If you fancy giving it a go, then come on down to one of our two introductory training sessions. They will be held on Saturday 22nd November, and Saturday 29th November at our training grounds in Tai Tam Tuk. Both sessions will start at 9am and finish at 10.30am. We recommend you get there for 8.45 to help keep things running smoothly.

If you want to come, just let us know by emailing us at

Details on how to get there are here on our join us page.

See you on the water!